Fresh Thoughts: Why You Should Really Opt For AngularJS 2023 (Updated)


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AngularJS (a structural framework) has emerged profoundly for developing dynamic web apps in the realm of app world. This is not a joke or something anymore. The experts of several web application development companies can’t even think to create an impressive single page application without using it.

Have you ever thought – what does make Angular JS vital?

When it comes to basics, this is an open source framework, which supports highly advanced JavaScript framework. It does not merely enhance the effects of HTML, however, eases the overall procedure of designing right from the structural UI (User Interface) to testing the app.

The well-known & its popularity can be understood easily by the phrase that – Angular JS is currently utilized by 9000+ websites across global. The framework – has grabbed the web development companies absolutely. Being convenient, super-fast, scalable & competitive. The AngularJS development services will not fade its charm soon.

On this blog, we’re going to look into the hold & pace in the niche of development, providing you some worthy thoughts that why you should really opt for it for your next project:

Own a Big & Solid Community

The framework owns a huge & solid community. Several developers work with the core development & contribute in order to make improvements for an open-source framework. An immensely popular & powerful framework – AngularJS services, as clients can get the best & most of it.

Codes: Lightweight & Readable

The framework consists codes that are lightweight & readable and following declarative paradigm to make patterns.

MVC Pattern

The original Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architectural setup is embraced by the respective framework. Normally, the web development companies have to split the app into an individual MVC components. On the other hand, when we talk about, Angular JS, the process is different. As it is similar to MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) design structure.

Control Of Directives

The pattern language of the framework is HTML. The directives focus on logic & contribute immensely in increasing the output. In order to enhance the code readability, all these can be reused.

Boosted Flexibility

Alike directives, filters are standalone functions. These are different from the apps. Dealing with the activities such as

  • To Implement Pagination
  • To Format Decimal Places On A Number
  • To Reverse The Text String

By applying so, these things can boost flexibility tremendously. Also, they all are pretty resourceful that you can control the HTML table without using JavaScript.

Fast Development Time

The framework enables the fastest development time. In addition, by adopting the right way, the framework can be ideally utilized in order to make big applications.

SPA Support

Both Angular & SPA combine together at work. For instance, Angular offers validation capabilities. With the help of the data, we can give a different direction to HTML elements in UI. For handling errors, Angular JS has built-in validators. The templates & patterns are based on HTML code & worked in harmony.

Powerful Data Binding

There’s a good feature that is associated with this framework is – two-way data binding. Any changes are made in user interface affects the application objects. When the framework is faced with the browser events, the module changes, and it automatically updates the requisite patterns.

Simplify The Parallel Development

Writing & testing the codes separately in parallel, this framework gives the options to the developers. Moreover, developers are allowed to reuse each other’s code without being bothered regarding the integration problem.

Super-UX (User Experience)

Instead of the technical reasons, Angular JS is absolutely great in order to build the apps visually appealing for targeted audience. In order to make the job easier, there are prebuilt libraries, components & modules are available in the framework, which enhances the development time as well as gives the app a visual advantage.

Full UI Support

The framework- Angular JS takes into the use of HTML as it is known as a declarative programming language. The language creates more intuitive & less complex user interface, which is solid, unlike others interfaces that are written in JavaScript.

Bottom Line

If you would like to speed up the development process, look no further other than Angular JS. It is a multi-functional framework is one the best methods in order to create the single page application.

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