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Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

However, SEO is one way in order to get ahead regarding more & more sales.

Surely, you have a great product to sell, alluring website & an extremely awesome e-commerce platform!

Nonetheless, the widely famous search engine- Google isn’t going to buy your products. This is only pivotal thing that is standing between you i.e. Settings New Sales Record vs. Selling A Handful Widgets.

For organic search, it is worthy in order to optimize the content, keywords & the entire web presence only if your expectations can’t find out you at the Google search box. And people more likely tend to click the organic side of search results on google rather than paid ones.

OK. We are going to discuss the new feature of Shopify. Have you heard before about- Shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If not, then the new feature for Shopify’s SEO provides a solid base for search engine findability efforts. Let us dive into the terminology, uncover the challenges and explore the way that the concept shapes.

In order to get the top of Google’s search results, then it requires an ongoing commitment to optimizing the whole web presence. Check some pivotal SEO tactics that will surely help you in order to enhance search engine rankings, sales & eyeballs to the online store:

How You Rank! (It Is Pivotal To Find Out)

Before investing your valuable time in SEO, it’s quite better to completely understand- how you currently rank on search engines where you actually want to be found for. Precise ranking on Google is quite challenging in order to obtain due to the fact that Google customizes search results for everyone.

For instance, if you search for your own specific keyword of your product on Google search box, then it may be the case, it may appear as though your website ranks #1. That means Google personalizes the search for you.

The next thing is that SEO ranking varies by country. For instance, if you reside in London, but trying to be found out on, but it can be tricky to find out your actual SEO ranking. We’ll tell you two ways in order to get more precise search results on Google:

  • Getting unaccustomed search results from Google,you need to open “separate window” on whatever browser you may prefer the most. And the search would be unbiased.
  • If you are in a different country, accessing After that you type in your search word, then type &gl=us at the end of the URL.

Not To Rely Only On PPC (Pay Per Click)

It is nothing bad to go for PPC for c-commerce, but do not rely on only PPC for that. There is no room for doubt in that PPC ranks your website on the top that is a kind of inorganic search results, but the truth is the costs of PPC is increasing gradually, and once you stop paying for PPC, surely your online presence completely disappears! So, what would you like to go for your online store- organic SEO or PPC? Think before you pay for it!

The Keyword Gap

It is a concept. The likelihoods are most likely using a different keyword in order to find out the products & services that is compared to the keywords that you would use. There is one way to close the keywords gap that is something pivotal is via keyword research. There are two ways to get started- to study the website analytics as well as to commute properly with your customers.

Publish The Valuable Content & Videos on YouTube

The strong SEO strategy embraces the continuous posting of valuable contents. It is the soul of SEO. Without the help of content, it is hard to find out on Google. Whether you are running an e-commerce website or anything, content can change the game.

One of the busiest search engines after google is “YouTube”. Once you have done with keywords gap, valuable content, and the next thing is that putting a bit extra effort in order to publish the videos on YouTube. Bear in mind that the videos you are going to posting is not all expensive & fancy.

Simply, Get Ranked, Get Sales!

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