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Top 10 AI Tools
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With every passing day, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is becoming an indispensable part of our lives, especially for businesses. Businesses have made continuous efforts to leverage the power of AI. With this increased demand for AI, various AI tools are now being developed and implemented in enterprises to make better use of data. Though there are many Artificial intelligence tools available, choosing the best one for your business is a challenge. Here, we have identified and summarized some of the best Artificial Intelligence tools which might help you in 2019 -2020: 


Conversica is a virtual sales assistant, designed to reach out and connect with the gross sales leads. It helps the sales team to focus on selling and closing the deals, rather than chasing down sales leads and prospects. The AI tool connects with the leads multiple times and for whatever duration of time required, through automated, two-way email conversations. 

Esferasoft’s Chatbot

It’s an AI-powered chatbot that conversates with a user in natural language. Chatbot improves customer engagement processes in real-time and operational efficiency by reducing the human resources and cost of customer service. The tool makes use of a simple lexicon model based on Naive Bayes algorithm.


DataRPM offers Cognitive Data Science tool for enterprises to build data products that productize data into day-to-day business processes for a real impact. The DataRPM makes use of Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The platform connects to the customer’s internal data, fuses it with external data sources, and runs a series of algorithms that deliver actionable insights to answer the business challenges.


It’s an event management AI tool, enable users to keep track on their calendar, track events, meetings, and provides updates on deadlines, to-do lists, occasions, and various other appointments. It automatically sorts all the emails, notes, and additional information needed on these occasions.


Its a legal-tech AI tool which seeks to prevent and warn companies against any potential litigation. Intraspexion alerts a company’s corporate counsel against litigation risks by continuously streaming in the background, regularly scanning the company’s internal emails, and flagging potential litigation risks for further review.


It is primarily a data integration tool, solves data curation problems. It adopts a data-driven, bottom-up approach and integrates numerous data sources into a single model. By smartly combining human efforts and automation, Tamr implements the concepts of machine learning and data analysis in the most efficient manner.

Text Summarization by Esferasoft

It works by selecting the most relevant sentences in an article and comprehensively arranging them. It helps summarise and analyse texts such as newspaper, blog, scientific publications, or reports. The tool identifies and summarises the essential ideas and facts of materials. is a smart assistant A.I tool, equipped to organise your business meetings automatically. As soon as an individual receives a meeting request, check for the availability and responds to the incoming emails automatically. The tool communicates emails like a natural user. is user-friendly and easy-to-use. The users can update their status, as “busy” or “available”, the tool will then plan the meetings and events accordingly. X.ia can integrate with the suites of Salesforce, Greenhouse, Zoom, Intercom and Slack.

Emotion Analysis by Esferasoft

Emotion Analysis by Esfersoft can accurately detect the emotion from any textual data. Enterprises can leverage the power of Emotion Analysis to read and analyze emotions attached to the textual information. It makes use of Deep Learning powered algorithms to extract features from the textual data. These features are used to classify the emotion attached to the data. 

Recorded Future

It’s a threat intelligence AI tool that serves enterprises to predict potential threats and keeps them at lower threat risks. The tool makes use of advanced machine learning algorithms to detect external threats and responds to them at a much faster rate. The Web Intelligence Engine uses billions of indexed facts to analyze the web to identify emerging threats continuously.


More and more enterprises are adapting to Artificial Intelligence to automate their everyday tasks or improve customer services. It’s gaining popularity and quickly building a reputation that is going to help propel it forward into the future towards more profound conclusions and insights. 

It’s time to get on board with Esferasoft Solutions and take advantage of AI opportunities. 

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