5 Vital Aspects for a Successful eCommerce Website

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The whole retail market seems to be eating up by the eCommerce.

eCommerce is the combination of new technologies and traditional models through which one can sell goods without maintaining a store.

This platform looks easy to understand but its execution is quite difficult. Moreover, many eCommerce businesses are highly competitive and there is a high percentage of failure rate for new businesses.

So if you already have a store or looking forward, it’s the right time to put your foot on the right side. Here we have listed some trade secrets that help you get to the top.

1. Make a predictable visually attractive website

E-commerce website has the only goal- Anyone who visits must buy something.

Websites which easily funnel sales ie in which every path take the visitor in the right direction makes it easy to hit business goals. Some important elements are:

  • Clear text

Call to action must have a clear and visible design so that the visitors can easily understand what is next and what is behind. The design must be appealing but don’t forget the little call to action button.

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  • Structure of the website

Customer gets lost in a messy website, so make a clear concise and easy to navigate website. Make the structure as simple as possible and put all the important sections and categories in the main section.

  • Precisely describe product section

Categorise your products clearly if you are offering a wide pool of services or products. This will help your customers to know where to go. For describing your product add relevant images and videos.

2. Mobile is the best platform to grab business

Do you know who is our new shopping companion nowadays? Yes, it is mobile. According to “The Goldman Sachs Group Inc” a renowned business firm total sales from smartphones, mobiles, and tablets is about 72.40%

It is estimated that for the year 2018, the percentage will increase more. So, folks, it’s the high time to make your website mobile response.

3. Social presence impacts people

Customers are highly affected by other people opinions especially when they are looking for a product which they have never tried before. People often read reviews and comments about a product on third-party websites to get an idea about the services and the products of a company.

If you have a strong social presence on the internet and you are active in replying to your customers. Then you will surely get good reviews on social websites which will eventually impact your visitors. For this, you can take help from E-commerce development companies.

4. Builds trust with transparency

Transparency helps your customers feel comfortable and foster satisfaction. Put your contact details on the bottom or top of every page of the website and be up front when it comes to charging, don’t impose any hidden charges. If you want to apply extra charges, communicate it clearly to your customers.

Offer Details

Your Offer $35

Shipping $6.5

Total 41.5

Net charged $41.5

(if offer accepted)

5. Use Secure payments systems

With the ongoing threats in online shopping, people are more likely to abandon your cart if they don’t find it safe. To make your payment systems look more secure and reliable, you can use logos of popular payment systems like PayPal and visa or else take help from eCommerce website design companies. You can use a secure protocol such as SSL or TLS for payment and can add the provider logo for authentication.

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