Zendesk Vs. Freshdesk – Which one should prefer for Streamline your Help Desk Support?


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Are you in turmoil or got stuck on choosing the best help desk software tool between Zendesk & Freshdesk?

Step right up & take your seats to get ready to know more about them.

Well, there’s no room for doubt in that both are fine help desk software tools, here we web development company in India have analyzed completely, will want to share with you who has the best features & can provide the most power to growing the business in a right & effective way.

The Help Desk software is designed to make the job easier for IT & other service departments in every industry. If you have been looking for help desk software more than five minutes, then you’ve noticed the Zendesk & Freshdesk competition. Both are most popular & most similar help desk solutions in the marketplace. Nevertheless, both platforms offer cloud-based ticket management & customer software support at competitive costs & low learning curve.

Zendesk Vs. Freshdesk

One of the older vendors among two is Zendesk. Founded in 2007, it has more than 70,000 customers & estimated revenue $127 million. On the other hand, Freshdesk was founded in 2011.

Round 1: System & Pricing

Alike other cloud-based software, both Zendesk & Freshdesk offers a monthly subscription model that is based on different degrees. Choosing among two, Freshdesk is cheaper option comparatively Zendesk.

Freshdesk proffers a complete package of free services called Sprout, which helps basic help desk software features such as email, knowledge base, phone, etc. On the other hand, Zendesk offers superior features at the enterprise level, such as advanced training support & business reviews.
Editions of Zendesk: Starter, Regular, Plus, Enterprise & Enterprise Lite
Editions of Freshdesk:Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate & Forest

Round 2: Ticket Management

Naturally, if you are opting for one of these software packages, ticket management is going to pretty awesome. Ticket Management is generally the backbone of help desk support.

Therefore, sensible workflow & right automation are two important elements while choosing the right help desk software tool.

On Freshdesk, tickets are shown in group inbox, and agents can easily check the status of the ticket who is working on that. Also, agents can receive notifications, add notes, check all ticket details, etc.

Zendesk proffers all these same features, but it’s systems set up in a different way & more aligned with diverse request channels.

If you want a clean way to encourage your team, then check out Freshdesk, a gamification system is designed by your agents to stay productive.

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Round 3: Customer Support Channel

When creating customer support, you want to make things easy as much as possible for your customers. They should not have to jump through to contact you. It means that offerings them multiple ways to customer support & customer support channels.



  • ✔️ Online Help Center
  • ✔️ Emails
  • ✔️ Live Chat
  • ✔️ Embedded Web Widgets
  • ✔️ Social Media


  • ✔️ Phone
  • ✔️ Emails
  • ✔️ Self-service portal
  • ✔️ Live chat
  • ✔️ Social media

Round 4: WorkflowMax Integration

WorkflowMax combines smoothly with both help desk software tools – Zendesk & Freshdesk, and enabling your team to enter the timesheet data directly from tickets.

Here are some advantages of WorkflowMax integration:

  • It saves your time by eliminating double entry on time sheet.
  • It also gains visibility on ticket analysis & agent performance.
  • It creates invoices with a few simple clicks that are based on helpdesk information.

However, both integrate in a similar way.

Round 5: Reporting & Analytics

Analytics might not be usual functionality, but the closed-based application, which is stored should also provide the ability to analyze the data & figure out how your team can improve.

On both Zendesk & Freshdesk platforms, Analytics will tell you about, such as Customer Satisfaction Rating, Agent Performance, Peak Complaint times & Common ticket times.

Zendesk offers excellent customer services within tools, allowing you to easily support data in other analytics tools. Analytics includes the Benchmark module, which enables you to compare the team’s performance & customer behavior to industry & global standards.

On the other hand, Freshdesk consists of more functionality for improving & storing CSVs. It offers built-in customer satisfaction surveys & also you can collect feedback from resolved tickets.

Making The Final Decision!

Both Zendesk & Freshdesk offer a quality product as that would be extremely useful in any agency requiring helpdesk software.

So, what do you think that which one is the right choice? It all depends upon which feature you require the most, how you want your support desk to function? In order to help you to choose from one of the right support center software, we’ve rounded up four tips:

  • ✔️ First, Look at Ticket Management
    This is one of the most useful functionalities. Before heading to, make sure that ticket management does what you need to do in a way that works best for your team.
  • ✔️ Talk to your team
    Before finalising the support desk system, get feedback from your team about how they work & what they need for the software.
  • ✔️ Think about Scalability

Look at the features that you need for your company, but also consider the tools that you need in the future.

At long last, your final decision should come down what kind of customers you are serving, what channels you plan to work with & how many agents that you would manage.

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