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Digital transformation solutions have touched all walks of life and all domains of industries. The healthcare industry is no different from the course of digitization, which indeed has resulted in new terminologies such as digital healthcare, digital health, mobile healthcare, health information management, mHealth, telehealth, etc. Some of the applications include appointment management, online consultation, lab test result management, pill tracker.

A little more about what is Digital Health?

The concept of digital health is not new. Seth Frank, writing 17 years ago, penned “Digital Health Care—The convergence of health care and the Internet” in The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. Digital health is a simple concept. It is about using information technology(IT) to help improve individuals’ health and wellness.

Digital solutions are increasingly being adopted by physicians, medical facility managers, doctors, as well as patients. Mobile applications (iOS, Android, and hybrid) for the healthcare industry has specifically helped more in clinical care operations. Developing digital solutions for the medical domain has helped in improving patient care, enhancing the efficiency of doctors and healthcare providers, and minimizing the complexity.

Estimating the monetary value of healthcare and digital healthcare 

There is an exponential growth in the pace and scale with which digital healthcare innovations are emerging. According to Deloitte’s Global Healthcare Outlook, global healthcare spending is projected to reach $10.059 trillion by 2022.

Digital Health Market Size is predicted to surpass $379 billion By 2024.” –  Market Research 

Indian digital health market will witness over 33% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the projection period. Favorable government initiatives such as Digital India will augment industry growth over the coming years.

The aim of digital healthcare (r)evolution

Digital technologies are supporting health systems’ efforts to transit to new models of patient-centered care. The ultimate objective of Digital healthcare solutions is to:

  1. Increase access and affordability
  2. Improve quality
  3. lower the costs of medical treatments

Developing digital solutions for the medical domain can improve patient care, enhance the efficiency of doctors and healthcare providers and minimising the complexity. It is essential to understand how multiple categories of users in the healthcare sector interact. When we’re talking about different groups of users, it’s necessary to understand the perspective of each group of users and their needs. The diverse group of users are the patients, doctors and the administrators or the facilitators. The  potential digital solutions they need are addressed as follows:

Patient-centered digital healthcare solutions

Relationships form an integral part of the health system. Research suggests that the doctor-patient relationship is the most significant and critical to adequate health care. The definitions of patient-centered communication vary, but there are standard core components. Epstein and Street  offered an operational explanation of patient-centred communication:

  1. Eliciting and understanding patient perspectives (concerns, ideas, expectations, needs, feelings, and functioning),
  2. Understanding the patient within his or her unique psycho-social and cultural contexts, and
  3. Reaching a shared understanding of patient problems and the treatments that are concordant with patient values.”

Global Healthcare CRM market accounted for $7.27 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $28.89 billion by 2026.  Digital healthcare solutions aim to impact the approaches that are of concern for the health system: automation, workflow integration, and provision of actionable data. Patients can get immediate medical assistance using medical apps for consultation with medical experts. Healthcare mobile applications with patient interfaces also allow patients to access their reports and keep them handy to be tracked anytime. Patients can also receive tips and instructions from doctors for wellness management.

Esferasoft provides Digital healthcare solutions which can facilitate better communication, enhance engagement, and bolster relationships between patient and healthcare providers.

Digital solutions for healthcare professionals 

Telehealthcare App development for professionals and doctors can prove to be a great tool to make their services reach remote places and make it more affordable. Due to the lack of economic resources, the mobile apps for healthcare providers have made it feasible to make the healthcare services reach to the maximum people. As the usage of smartphones is growing among the society irrespective of their economic strata and demographics, digital solutions for healthcare services is a great way to connect with patients and establish a better bonding.

Consider, for example, chronic diseases, like heart disease, cancer, stroke, or diabetes, are the leading cause of death and disability in America. Management of chronic illness is one of the critical areas. EHR-interoperable platforms and applications are valuable to providers across all health sectors. The integration of such platforms empowers physicians with the ability to provide a real-time diagnosis.  It enables them to monitor vital symptoms, assess responses, and provide treatments accordingly, without being physically present.

Digital Healthcare solutions for Administrators

Professionals associated with the healthcare domain, such as administrators and nurses, will also get the privileges of digital solutions for hospitals. These solutions can assist administrators in scheduling and managing appointments, managing the availability of doctors, maintenance of staff, and their regular activities, room availability, insurance clearance management. The resource management in the hospital or medical facility is critical, which can be done by using mobile apps to track the resources, stocks.

It should be noted that all these applications are useful and productive with strategic data management.  It enhances the health outcomes for patients in the system.

Make data management a priority with Esferasoft

Our data management solutions empower healthcare organizations to integrate, transform, and improve data storage efforts and master data management with adequate governance and control.


Digital solutions are rapidly transforming the healthcare industry. Patients have transitioned from passive recipients of health care to active value-seeking consumers. This transition is driving the health care industry’s critical need for service assurance now and in the future.

In conclusion, Esferasoft solutions provide unmatched operational intelligence of service infrastructure, which is necessary for the optimization of digital transformation initiatives while concurrently assuring critical service performance.

Some of the patient-centered digital solutions Esferasoft offers are healthcare CRM, patient experience mobile applications like online appointment management, online doctor consultation, lab test result management, pill tracker.  With all these communication tools, Esferasoft aims to enhance real-time collaboration between physicians and patients.

We have extensive experience in developing web solutions for healthcare, mobile applications that have helped healthcare professionals to transform the way healthcare services are provided to patients. For developing an innovative healthcare web and mobile solutions, get in touch with us.

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