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In 2015, you must recognize tremendous innovations & drastic changes in the niche of website designs that survived exponentially over the web. For web designers: the visual landscape was similar to all the previous years. In addition, each single design focused on delivering surpassing user experience, therefore, all these are accepted by the users. The website design, which will dominate this year, is merely the refinement of the previous designs that have been overlooking the web for the past few years. All these have remained the most pivotal factors in order to consider in web designing practices. There have been several technological advancements in the last year,through this blog, we would like to share few latest trends on the website designing today:


The front-end framework that is widely known as Bootstrap that has remained one of the essential factors to be considered by the developers. As the framework, it also helps in the development of the responsive objects, which guarantees for its access to the wide number of platforms. There’s the good news for developers on working over the platform is that – both websites & related apps can be scaled with a single code base.


In the UX / UI, there are a number of opportunities for developing it already developed elements. UI designs have become the part of entire UX that offers techniques to offer a bigger & better experience to the users. Better experience while browsing the websites has always left a strong impression to the users. This is what that can suit as a solution better as compared enhanced user experience.

Video Headers

There’s no room for doubt in that – videos has strong potential to attract users towards the websites, plus an impressive header that can make the icing on the cake. There’s a very first interaction with the users when they will be playing. Therefore, the impact requires to be bold enough in order to grab the required attention.

CTA (Call To Action) Buttons

Generally, CTA is recognized as ‘Call To Action’, and giving the opportunity to people to react to the messages. Due to its utility, CTA has become an unavoidable place in the list of web design trends. For marketers, the element comes as an absolute instructing option that is directed towards the audience to provoke an immediate response from the titles like “Visit Us”, “Call Now”, etc.

The Hamburger Menu Icon

You must be seen three horizontal lines (☰) that resemble “hamburger”, it is also called as “hamburger menu”. This is a button for graphic user interface. Typically, the style has been used by several applications. The very famous example is, the menu is prominent on Facebook.

The Hamburger menu icon is always different & helping bar for navigation in order to other sections of the web-based applications. In addition, the utility of buttons increases or decreases with the sort of websites that being browsed.


As we’ve heard a lot of times, content is king! The representation of content really matters a lot over the websites. Two things that are actually pivotal i.e., large & flexible typography. It has made its mark prominent as the other elements. Typography that embraces responsiveness, which takes the websites to the new level altogether. It always leaves a great impact on users for better. This is the factor for developing a strong visual identity of the brand.

Parallax Scrolling

The technique of parallax scrolling is beneficial for developers as it develops an illusion of depth for the users. It uses diverse methods for providing the entire effect over different websites or web pages.

Responsive Method

It is a technique, which has been developed currently. As it helps a lot of developers to create web pages, which can be easily accessed on all other platforms irrespective of the size of the devices. Therefore, the responsive websites get much easier for the web developers to build pages to access them on any kind of device.

Wrapping Up:

As we’ve described all these latest trends will remain on trend surely. All these trends are meant for better techniques,optimal user satisfaction & optimal user satisfaction. So, embark with these 8 latest website designs that are sure to make techniques much more prominent.

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