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Let us frame the storyline!

Optimization of the apps may be all the rage, but in reality, it is even more important this for your business more than anything else. That’s because your app will not merely define your success, but it also represents how effective your work is!

In addition, you must have an app & you know very well, what is the next big step regarding mobile application. The success depends on any app or website – if people could find it without a hitch. Right?

If the app is not easily findable, then many questions naturally would arise in your mind if you’ve already put all your efforts to make it more discoverable among all applications. You must think to yourself, “What’s wrong is going with my strategies”?

The app is over there, it is loved by many users & it has already downloaded by people. However, what is stagnating? In simple terms, there are gazillions of apps available on Google Play Store, Apple app Store & Windows store.

Are you still trying to make noise with one single app? It may seem like getting the app discovered will require effective strategy. It is saying that – it would not be hard, but it is far from impossible. In order to make things easier for you, here we as a web development company in India, will outline mobile app development tips that will be found at Play Store. Before diving into the concept, there are some of these tips build off of one another, therefore, do not be alarmed if you check out some tips in multiple locations. That being said that – let your apps be found!

1.App Store Optimization (ASO)

The question is, how does a marketer optimize the app for better discoverability on app store?

In the era of mobile application, App Store Optimization (ASO) is a method of ensuring that the mobile app meets the app store ranking criteria & reaches the top of a search results page.

All you need to require to boost your app marketing strategy along with app store ranking.

Let’s dive in!

2.Understand your rivals & rivalry

The importance of understanding your rivals & rivalry can be stressed enough – because they are the ones who will be downloading the app.

What criteria do they follow?

Which apps are they looking for?

Before doing anything else, it is important to know what the massive audience wants? Do they really need another messaging app or they would prefer video sharing is better?

As the mobile app development company in India, we are recommending the following:

  • What language do your customers naturally use?
  • What are top reasons for downloading & using the app?
  • What keywords do your rivalry target?
  • How easily can you compete against these apps on the same keywords?
  • Should you target the same keyword?

3.Curate the right app name

Coming up with right & unique name for app, it is not a matter of just ‘branding’.

To get the best results with ASO (App Store Optimization), include relevant keywords within title.

Title can be up to 255 characters, allowing for enough keywords or keywords phrases. Moreover, do not take this opportunity to stuff every keyword into the title.

All top of it, your app name is top & foremost task that you need to consider first.

In order to assure that the app can be clearly identified, keep original name “short”.

Use only user-friendly characters in Title, especially in App Store.

Don’t use special characters or symbols, because it will detract from ASO strategy & it will cause iTunes in order to refer app’s numeric ID instead of its name, to scan for relevant keywords.

4.Maximize the Keywords

While many of all these strategies apply across the broad when it comes to diverse app stores such as both Google Play Store & App Store have two different approaches when we talk about ASO keywords.

5.Stand out with a different icon

Icon plays an essential role, as your potential customers browse through an endless list of applications, the visual icon is first impression & persona of apps. So it is pivotal to make it count.

While approaching design of icons, it is important to underline that – both App Store & Google Play vary in their approach. Both stores have preset standards for ideal size, geometry & color scheme of apps, which is designed to reset the operating system.

On the other hand, while designing for an Android icon, there is only difference is that Google Play requires 512×512 icon instead of 1024×1024 icon. Google highly recommends designing app icons in accord with its material design guidelines that details everything from shading to icon anatomy.

6.Add Screenshots & Videos

Alike icons, screenshots may not have direct impact on search rankings, but they are responsible for make downloads. Image explains more about what it is actually done, and allowing potential customers in order to visualize using the app before making downloads.

For an iOS app, you can upload up to five screenshots & up to eight screenshots for an Android.

No matter what approach you follow, the screenshots should flaunt your app’s most important features, latest updates & provide customers what they can expect for everyday use.

7.Localize App Listing

If we talk about global marketing, the approach “one-size-fits-all” simply would not work. For instance, if your audience goes beyond English-speaking world, consider brand communication & language in order to the needs of each audience engagement.

At the most basic level, simply communicate your customers in their languages as they speak in their homes. There are a number of low-cost translation & localization services are available, which can translate your app’s title, keyword, description & screenshots to other languages.

8.Create compelling description

The app’s description should be targeted towards your customer base, instead of search engine index. The description should reach out to your potential customers as a call-to-action. Choose simple & concise language. You have already convinced the app store as the app is relevant to specific keywords.

Here we, web development company in India, recommend focusing on the bulk of energy on first three lines of description immediately grab the attention. Make your users’ decisions simply by immediately communicating what it does & why they should use it.

9.Outside Promotion increases traffic

At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that on-page optimization is one tool in mobile marketing. This is where SEO understanding comes in. It is believed that both Google & Apple factors – total page visits & product page backlinks of app determine search & overall ranking.

In a nutshell, more traffic you drive, higher your app will rank in search results. In order to drive traffic, just build an online presence around the app by using social media, content, reviews & investing your time in online advertising.

10.Minimalist Design

If you want to know to increase user engagement, all you need to make use of – minimalist design. It does not only lessen clutter, but it also leaves users with zero choices, however, no interact with your content. By using negative space, it also minimizes distractions & upgrades what is more important.

Use the formula when it comes to minimalist design:

Less Clutter + Less Content to Load + Fast Speed of Loading App = Higher UX (User Experience)

11.Pick Colors Wisely

Opting for the right color scheme for app, it is an essential task, due to the fact that colors evoke a different emotion.

Red – the color of awareness.

Blue – the color calms you down, psychologically.

Yellow – makes you happy.

Purples – gives a sense of luxury.

  • Choose the color scheme according to which emotion you want to add into your audience.
  • On the other hand, by using monochrome colors, all colors are same & related to each other.
  • In analogous scheme, colors are related to each other & they don’t stand out from one another.

12.Update Frequently

Users always look for apps that are constantly upgrading with constant updates that are based on feedback. The apps which upgrade more frequently & seen by both app stores & users are recognized higher customer value.

Hence, updates apps highly correspond to better reviews as every new & improved version. The next step is to encourage existing customers to download the new & updated version of the app.

Undoubtedly, releasing the app is half the battle. The next step is to encourage existing customers to download the update. The golden tip is to manage a large number of 5 stars reviews.

13.Encourage Ratings & Feedback

Last but not certainly the least, the constant flow of positive ratings & feedback serves as the highest validation of app’s quality. Plus, it is recommended as one of the highest determinants of rank. The apps with the highest rating count, which keep customers engaged & customer feedback in order to shape their product roadmaps & future updates. All you need to boost ratings by intelligent rating prompts.

Wrapping it Up

These above-mentioned ASO (App Store Optimization) tips is an on-going procedure, you are well on your way to future proof SEO strategies. With careful measurements, you will be achieved soon your goals. Undoubtedly, ASO is an ongoing process by continually involving ranking algorithms & competitive nature of the app stores. It requires regular check-ins, a keen eye & analytics. At long last, manage it carefully & your investment will pay off in future.

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