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Numerous emerging & existing brands are taking their online presence to the next level by introducing their own mobile application. Then, it is not saying wrong – the age of mobile depends upon us. To develop a mobile application & building that platform into strategic business plans that enable you to reach users when they are on-the-go & using a smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, developing the mobile app itself is only half of battle. Hence, in order to generate business growth & get your mobile app in front of your potential customers or valued customers, all you need to do is prominent when it comes to rankings in the mobile app. We as a mobile development company will give top seven ways to help optimize the mobile application for more downloads & achieve better rankings in the iTunes App Store & Google Play.

1. Traffic & Volume

In general, all you need about 5,000 to 10,000 downloads in a short time period before starting appearing as a ranked application. It is being said that making this happen that you need to generate traffic to your mobile application. During that time period when the application is brand new, it is a fundamental key to implementing marketing initiatives, which have performed best for your business or brand in the past. Whether you concentrate on SEO, PPC or email marketing & any other cross-channel collaborative efforts, you want to do what you can attract as many users as you can.

2. Keep Consistent

Once you have built up a considerable population of active users, you need to maintain a certain threshold of monthly downloads to consistently secure one of the top rankings. Aim to collect approximately 20,000 users each month until your presence is prominent. Also, it is stable enough to draw attention. To integrate one of the best practices listed for mobile app store optimization as listed will help you to make this actually happen.

3. Screenshots (Appropriate)

Mostly, the images speak hundreds of words. When you are selecting screenshots that will appear with a description of your application, opt for images that fully represent what the mobile app does. It consists descriptive screenshots that are great opportunities to explain to your audience about the product without saying anything written words. All you need to choose what single image can explain best what your mobile app does if your audience were to only look at that one image.

4. High-Quality & Real Reviews

Genuine reviews showcase users with a positive experience to help generate brand credibility as well as customers to download the mobile app. Apart from showing potential customers as the mobile app is highly recommended & great reviews to send a signal to respective app stores that rankings should increase because so many users are putting a positive experience. Alike, if a lot of users are reporting negative or poor reviews, then an app would be difficult to use or it is filled with frustrating bugs, for instance, it can decay your ranking.

5. Social Integration

Bear in mind, the majority of people in social media. Keep users engaged & interacting with your brand. Also, keep promoting the app in online communities as they are active in. The social media strategy plays a major role in the success of mobile app because it is a valuable opportunity. Flaunt the benefits & excellent features your mobile app has.

6. Upgrade & Update

In order to continue the best experience possible for mobile app users & maintaining the app ranking, implement regular updates on a monthly basis in order to ensure the mobile app is performing amazingly well on the play store.

7. Design Elements

The icon is used to represent an app that should be indicative of what the mobile app encompasses without being overly complicated. Also, you don’t need to do flashy things in such a small image. By doing so, users will not gauge the purpose of the app. Rather than, concentrate on the simple, bold & the vibrant icon in order to get a number of downloads. When it comes to design an app, your ultimate focus should be on visuals & easy-to-use interface. Also, bear in mind, avoid functionality that will make your mobile app difficult to navigate as well as include aesthetic designs that are appealing & attractive to the eye.
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